Big Musk Talks Meds, Money and Mayhem on X

Elon Musk, the electric car and social media mogul, spilled the beans on his use of ketamine, a medication typically used as an anesthetic, in a recent interview with journalist Don Lemon. This comes after whispers about his late-night social media binges and their potential connection to substance use.

Musk claims he’s usually sober during his online sprees, but admitted to battling “negative chemical states” in his brain, which he believes are depression-related. To combat this, he uses ketamine prescribed by a doctor, dosing “a small amount” every other week or so.

While Musk clarified he avoids alcohol and doesn’t mess with marijuana, he remained coy about whether “almost always sober” applies to ketamine use during his late-night social media sprees.

This interview sheds light on how a powerful figure like Musk manages his mental health. He also downplayed concerns about ketamine affecting his work ethic or his companies’ government contracts. In classic Musk fashion, he linked his ketamine use to investor returns, pointing to Tesla’s success as evidence he should “keep taking it.”

The interview wasn’t all about meds and mental health. Musk and Lemon also clashed over diversity and inclusion programs and the ever-controversial Tesla Cybertruck.

Another hot topic? X’s struggling advertising business. Since Musk took over the platform (formerly known as Twitter), advertisers have fled due to a surge in hateful content. Musk, ever the charmer, responded by telling those advertisers to “go f**k yourself.”

Interestingly, Musk claims most advertisers have returned, with ad and subscription revenue on the rise. He seems determined to avoid censorship to appease advertisers who left, suggesting they can choose where their ads appear but can’t dictate platform-wide content control.

So, that’s the scoop on Musk’s mental health med, his money machine, and his fight for free speech (well, his version of it). Buckle up, because with Musk at the helm, things on X are bound to stay interesting.

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