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Advantages of Using Shortlinks

In this digital era, it is not difficult to earn extra income. Not only through online sales, but you can also use shortlinks. In English, this term refers to shortened links such as service providers. This short link can certainly provide additional income for you practically.

The term short link is certainly not foreign to bloggers. Shortlinks are simplified versions of urls that you can get for content distribution via online. Later, long urls can be shortened so that they are neatly posted on any social media page. Generic url shorteners like tiny url can change links with a combination of letters and numbers.

Do not get confused with safelink. Safelink can make it easier for users because later there is no need to create the most recent url for each destination link. While short links still require the url manually one by one. Like safelink, this short link also has some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Using Shortlinks

1. Advantages of Using Shortlinks

The URL shortening service will make the hyperlink text more attractive. Shortened links can certainly make the reading experience smoother, especially on various social media pages. In addition, shortening the url link also makes it easier for you to share content because there are minimal errors in copying the link.

Shortening url links can also provide analysis functions. This is important to show who you have clicked on the link in a centralized dashboard view. The shortened links also perfectly match working with UTM codes. This really allows you to do specific campaign tracking.

2. Disadvantages of Using Shortlinks

In addition to having advantages, link shortening services also have a number of disadvantages. One of them is the emergence of distrust from certain parties. In addition, another disadvantage is that it can only generate fewer clicks. The nature of this link url redirection can also introduce users to the desired website.

Sometimes the url can send the user via two to three and more redirects. If one of them fails, the user can bring up the potential to go to competitor links. What's more, ISPs can now blacklist url shorteners to deter spammers from trying to shorten links to malicious acts.

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