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GPS XL System Easy and Simple To Use Tips

The stress that can be involved in traveling by road and trying to find the right route to where you want to be can be huge without a GPS system to guide you. The GPS XL is an easy solution for anyone who is looking for help to get from A to B with the least amount of disruption and frustration. Not only that the XL navigation unit does a variety of other things exceptionally well.

Brought to the market by TomTom one of the market leaders in Global Positioning Systems, the GPS XL works straight out of the box and requires no programing or configuration to get going. It comes with a large screen that makes it very easy to use the touch screen controls.

Routes can be mapped out very easily by simply inputting a post code or zip code. Plus the unit will even quickly come up with alternate routes if the initial route develops problems such as road blocks or traffic jams. For this the user will require an 'as it happens' traffic update facility and that simply means purchasing a subscription to TomTom Traffic. This might initially feel like a downside to having this GPS unit, but just a moment adding up the time and money that could be saved by having access to this real time feature and you quickly realize the value of this service.

The XL is easily mounted on the dash board or the windscreen and the basics of what you need to attach the unit comes inside the box when purchased. As well as the already mentioned large screen, this unit is backed up by a large speaker that gives clear vocal instructions as you're traveling.

What is also a highlight of the GPS XL unit is that it comes readily equipped with fixed safety camera alerts that will let you know when you're pushing the speed limit too far and warn you to slow down. Now this feature is easily kept updated by downloading the current data free of charge online and then uploading it to your unit. Plus you can also download maps of various areas of interest to you so that you can easily make use of the unit when you need to travel out of your local area.

Now if you want to increase the functionality of the GPS XL then that really is not a problem. From buying a variety of additions such as USB cables, to a variety of pouches and carry cases so that this portable unit can be safely used as the ultimate GPS navigation system as you use it as a pedestrian aid as it guides you on foot from A to B.

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